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How do you join?

There is no audition to be in the Liltin Lassies, all women who enjoy singing are welcome to join, just come along for a session and meet us.


You do not have to be able to read music as all songs are taught by ear, and sheet music is available on request. Often, mp3 vocal tracks of the parts are sent out to assist in learning.


Everyone is taught the melody of the tune and then harmonies are sung through so that everyone can choose which part they'd prefer to learn. You do not need to stick to a certain part once you join Liltin Lassies (e.g. Always a low/alto), if you like the sound of a part you can join/learn that one. Musical terms are explained in simplified definitions so you do not need to have had any musical education to follow what's going on.

Classes are held in the St Andrews room of the Cathedral Halls, Dunblane.

For more details, please see Venue page.


We run in terms of 8, 9 or 10 week blocks on Monday evenings, 7 - 9pm and payment of fees for class is required in advance.

For more details of this please see our Fees page.

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